The Kaemoon is one of the fastest growing & leading Destination Management Company in India. We are developing the understanding of the travel market and the needs of the guests traveling on regular basis as learning never ends..

The Kaemoon, offers you the countless ways to explore the diverse attractions of India including the Heritage, Culture, the Wildlife & much more..

There is certainly no shortage of ways that you can discover some of the breath taking culture, such as art fairs, music festivals or Indian dances or the Heritage or the wildlife of India.

We are a One Stop Shop for all travel related requirements and as company it offers you a lifetime experience. Our mission is to be one of the most trusted and quality oriented Travel Company as well as committed to responsible tourism.

Our vision is to be at the heart of every person with dedication, devotion & determination with passion for excellence.

Our mission in an industry where quality, cost and services are the key of survival. We deliver with integrity and commitment.

Our values:

  • + Integrity, honesty and respect in our actions towards our customers and stakeholders
  • + Commitment, responsibility delivered as promised. We are incredibly responsive & reachable
  • + Attitude, positive and winning attitude of our founder members and their team members translates into a decisive advantage over the competition

   We are a repertoire of unique experiences and special access

About Us

We are a One Stop Shop for all travel related requirements and as company, we offers you a lifetime experience. Our mission is to be one of the most trusted and quality oriented Travel Company as well as committed to responsible tourism..
With a 5000 year old recorded culture, a fascinating diversity of communities, customs, religions and terrains, we make your journey indeed incredible experience in every sense. Our dynamic, young and enthusiastic team is available 24x7 to make your trip a wonderful and joyful experience.”

   Rahul Dixit
Rahul has done is MBA from Middlesex University – London UK. He became interested in travelling since his early teens. His father’s passion for traveling gave him an experience of different cultures in India and abroad. He is passionate about adventures and always curious to know the people, their culture and food [as he is a great foodie ;-) ] He is a leader who can show the best ways to his team. He is the founder member of The Kaemoon. This brought him into the travel business and with the self experience of traveling he is able to provide the life time experience to the clients. Bitten by the bug then, travel turned into a lifelong passion. A career in Finance, living a settled life in one place lost all appeal in a few years. It was time to continue the real education as learning never stops ! Rahul is looking after our Sales and Marketing division and accounts department. His hobbies are listing music, traveling, making friends and playing and watching football. His favorite destination in India is North East and the tranquility of Himalayas. Apart from these he loves visiting Europe specially London & Switzerland.

Swati Chaubey Dixit
Swati has completed her MBA in tourism from Bundelkhand University Jhansi. She is traveling with her father since her childhood and has explored a lot in India. Her interest in traveling and meeting people has drawn her to this trade. She is in the trade from 6 years and extensively travelled. Her love for nature and wildlife has given the strength to be an expert in wildlife sectors in India. She is having a dynamic personality and a fabulous customer relationship management. She is the founder member of The Kaemoon along with Rahul. Her hobbies are listing music, traveling, cooking, shopping and making friends. She is looking after our Sales and Operations department. Her favorite destination in India is Kanha National Park and Goa.

Kamini Sharma
Kamini is pursuing her Economics degree from Kolkata University. She is a very meritorious student and a lively girl. Along with her education, she is looking after our operations in Kolkata and West Bengal. Her hobbies are traveling, shopping, making friends and watching TV Her favorite destination in India is Sunderbans National Park and Gir National Park.

   Rohit Dixit
Rohit has completed his Law degree from Amity University Delhi. Though he is not from this trade, but his passion for travelling brought him into our team. Now along with his legal job, he is working part time with us. His hobbies are body building, reading books, watching movies and traveling. He looks after our domestic division, meeting clients and marketing. His favorite destination in India is Rajasthan. Apart from these, he loves visiting Scotland

Mohini Sharma
Mohini is a meritorious chartered accountant and she is our internal auditor. She is a very simple and sophisticated girl, who enjoys her work. Her hobbies are reading books & visiting new places. Her favorite destination in India is Kashmir.

Rajiv Chaudhari
Rajeev Chaudhari is pursuing MCA from Sikkim Manipal University, and have got 2 year experience in Information Technology. He looks after our IT department and likes to try new experiments on new web technologies and love to listen music in free time. he like to travel Hill stations and Ocean places.

Our Team

Lets meat our team:

We are a One Stop Shop for all travel related requirements and as company it offers you a lifetime experience. Our mission is to be one of the most trusted and quality oriented Travel Company as well as committed to responsible tourism. The Kaemoon is the blessed with the team of dynamic and young people.

Why Us

  1.   Responsible tourism:

    We believe in responsible tourism without any failure / compromising in the client’s service.

  2.   A Wealth of proficiency:

    With our team’s combined experience of many years in the travel industry …we are different!

  3.   Customization and Flexibility:

    We understand that each client has unique needs and we go the extra mile to fulfill them. Our services are of high quality and flawlessly arranged that reflect years of experience and in-depth research.

  4.   Dedication to Customer Service:

    It takes teamwork and passion to design, present and deliver a great vacation.

  5.   Local support in each city:

    You’ll rub shoulders with our locals and understand what makes our cities tick. We offer the complete range of services associated with vacationing and travel in the Indian Sub-continent

  6.   Assurance to Excellence:

    In-depth product knowledge, swift response times, attention to detail and quality services- are our norm for customer handling.

  7.   Eco Tourism:

    We are supporting the eco-tourism. So that we can maintain the destination, the way it is, along with the best of its experience.

  8.   24 x 7 customer touch-point:

    You’ll get a 24 hours helpline number during your tour, so that you be in touch with us at any given time..


  •    Outbound Tours

  •        Inbound Tour

  •                MICE

  • Destination Wedding

  •       Other Services

Fort & Palaces of India

If you are interested in history and love to see the Forts and Palaces, we have a few great places to visit and stay. One legacy of India's rich and varied history, which goes back to early antiquity, is the numerous forts and palaces that dot the landscape through the length and breadth of the country. Itineraries are coming up, Please contact us for your requirement.

Download Our Tour Packages lists:

NOTE : Please right click on link to and click SAVE AS option to download

“For the itinerary and price, please be in touch with us at info@thekaemoon.com or call on 09811463467 // 09711549117

Fairs and festival of India

Each with its own importance, we have plenty of festivals to celebrate and fairs to explore. Please contact us for your choice of the festival and we’ll send you an interesting itinerary for the same

Download Our Tour Packages lists:

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“For the itinerary and price, please be in touch with us at info@thekaemoon.com or call on 09811463467 // 09711549117

North India tours

In India, each and every region has something to explore. But the North India is proud to have the seventh wonder of world “Taj Mahal” in Agra. There are a few itineraries that can give you a glimpse of this part. Please click on the link for the itineraries.

Download Our Tour Packages lists:

NOTE : Please right click on link to and click SAVE AS option to download

“For the itinerary and price, please be in touch with us at info@thekaemoon.com or call on 09811463467 // 09711549117

Spiritual and Yoga Tours in India:

Our Spiritual and yoga tours are especially designed for people who want to experience India’s rich spiritual history rejuvenate yourself and have an experience of a lifetime … here is a glimpse for the same……


Download Our Tour Packages lists:


Download Our Tour Packages lists:

South India tour

There is a unique culture in South India with the combination of temples, beaches, backwaters, food and wildlife. Please have look and select yours!

Download Our Tour Packages lists:

NOTE : Please right click on link to and click SAVE AS option to download

“For the itinerary and price, please be in touch with us at info@thekaemoon.com or call on 09811463467 // 09711549117

Food Tours in India:

If you are a foodie & interested in trying the verities and knowing the spices, we have the most uncommon options for you. The diversity of food brings people here from different part of the world. Itineraries are coming up, in the mean time; please contact us for your requirement

Train tours in India

Indian railway network is the largest in Asia. It accommodates people from all segments; from luxury to general. If you wish to experience the same, please have a look on the itineraries below or get in touch with us.

Village tour

Indian villages are the mirror of the real India. If you are interested in experiencing the real India and would like to explore the Indian village, please contact us.

Wildlife of India

The variety of Indian wildlife is vast; Tigers, Leopards, Elephant, Asiatic Lions, Bison, Wood-picker, Kingfisher, dolphin, crocodile, Sambhar and countless species of birds and mammals are there. Please have a look on a few itineraries, if you want any details, please get in touch with us.

Download Our Tour Packages lists:

Yoga tour in India

With its unique geographic location, India is the place where you can enjoy mountaineering, bungee jumping, rock climbing, surfing, under water diving, skiing and many more. Please get in touch with us till we are uploading the itineraries.

Download Our Yoga Tour Packages lists:

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  • Offices in India

  •   Operational office : Ghaziabad
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General Guidelines for Travel to India

Pre Travel Advice

  •   VISA

    All non-residents require visas for India, which must be obtained prior to departure. Tourist visas are usually valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Passports must have at least 2 blank pages and be valid for 6 months after your return from India. Two passport photographs are also required at the time of application. In case you are travelling to neighboring country and are coming back to India after that visit again, ensure you have double entry visas.


    Adequate travel insurance is vital. Mountain and other adventure sports enthusiasts should have insurance that covers trekking, climbing and mountain biking. Most insurance offered by credit cards does not provide sufficient cover. Please check before you travel that you are fully covered.


    Recommended vaccinations are Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Typhoid and Hepatitis. You may also need to take anti-malarial tablets. Please consult your doctor or a travel clinic for the latest medical advice at least one month prior to your departure. For advice on vaccination and immunizations you may please visit www.masta.org



    All your bookings in India would be done under your name by The Kaemoon. Each time you check-into a hotel you may give this reference at the reception desk or present your voucher (which will be given to you upon arrival in India by our represantative).


• When you arrive at the International airport, please look for our representative holding a placard displaying your name. You will find our representative with the placard after the ‘Immigration’ and ‘Customs’ counters towards the exit of the International arrival terminal.

• At all domestic airports and rail stations in India , you will be received by our representative just outside the exit gate of the airport or a pre arranged place at the railway station, they will be holding a placard displaying your name.


    India ’s currency is 'Rupee', abbreviated as ‘Rs’ or . One Rupee is equal to 100 paise. Coins are in various small denominations of 50 Paise & 1, 2, & 5, Rupees. Notes (Bills) are in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 & 1000 Rupees.


    You can exchange money at international airports through banks and approved money changers, where 24-hours exchange facilities are available.

    You can also change money at nationalized banks and other banks in the country. Bank timings are usually from 1000 hrs to 1600 hrs on weekdays and 1000hrs to 1200 hrs on Saturdays. However, you may find it easier to change your money at the city hotels where you are staying. Please remember that not all banks will exchange foreign currency or travelers cheques particularly in small towns

    Exchange money only through authorized banks or money changers. Insist on a receipt/encashment certificate when changing money. Retain all receipts to facilitate re-conversion of unspent money on departure from India.


    Travelers’ Cheques should be of well-known brands like Thomas Cook, American Express and Visa. Major credit cards like American Express, Master Cards, Diners Club, Visa, etc are generally accepted by large establishments, including hotels, shops and airlines.


    It is usual to tip the waiters, porters, guides and drivers. Tips are not included in the bills: whether of hotels, transport companies or any other suppliers. At hotels and restaurants, tip of about 8-10% of the bill is acceptable.

Client Testimonials

  • “ Wonderful & memorable trip, thanks a lot Rahul & Swati for all your efforts. Thanks again :-) “
    Srikant Manek (Mumbai)
  • “ We have traveled to Thailand through The Kaemoon, great experience.”
    Mugdha Gupta and Family (New Delhi)
  • “ We have booked our honeymoon trip to Maldives and really enjoyed.. Thanks guys !”
    Mansi Arora (Gurgaon)
  • “ Can't say enough good things about The Kaemoon for organizing this tour! Our guide made the experience even better! Thanks, Rahul and Swati!”
    Susan Mathew (Kolkata) traveled to Thailand.
  • “ We just got back, and I am taking these few minutes to say that it was a wonderful experience. Without going into details that you might or might not want to know, I should just like to say that all the arrangements that you made on your end worked liked clockwork”
    Rajvendra Singh Ranawat (Jaipur) traveled to Dubai
  • “ You have been so wonderful to work with. I really appreciate the skill, patience, and professionalism that you have.”
    Rajesh Talwar & group (Noida) traveled to Hong Kong
  • “ The tour was excellent and the guide (Uri) extraordinarily knowledgible and friendly. I feel like I am a different person and that my childhood religious training has taken on a new meaning for me.”
    R.S. Sharma (gass and company – Kolkata) traveled to Thailand
  • “ Nice co-ordination, good information, excellent package, Good price, Over all very good and enjoyed the trip.”
    Yogesh P. Joshi (Ahmadabad) group tour to Mauritius
  • “This was a pleasure to meet The Kaemoon for our travel requirements for India. We had the most wonderful tour and enjoyed the culture and food of India. Thanks guys for making our trip so smooth and memorable.”
    Simon Speller – Hendon, London (UK)
  • “ Thanks for organizing our trip to India. We had a great time. We wish to Thanks Mr/Ms Dixit for all their support. Our tour escort and friend from India (Rahul Dixit) was very supportive. Thanks again! ”
    Mr. and Mrs Mac Pherson – London (UK)
  • “ First of all congratulations for starting up your own business. And now thank you so much for organizing a great trip to India for our family. We loved it and it was a great experience meeting you after a long time. Indian food is great but the best was the Dhosa we had at your house. Thanks again, great hospitality. ”
    Steven Donahue – Middlesex University – London (MBA – COHORT) [UK]

Tours to India

About India :

India is the land of diversity, and blessed with the best gifts of Mother Nature. In India, we have a lot to explore like the wildlife, culture, festivals, food, forts and palaces, pilgrimage and much more… here are a few things we are putting together so that you can have a better idea! If you need any further details, please get in touch with us”

Our specialized tour to India

  •      North India tours

  •       Religious tour

  •    South India tour

  •    Wildlife of India

  •           Yoga tours

  • Fort & Palaces of India

  •     Indian festivals

  •       Taste of India

  • Train tours in India

  •         Village tour

Outbound Tours

Each with its own importance, we have plenty of festivals to celebrate and fairs to explore. Please contact us for your choice of the festival and we’ll send you an interesting itinerary for the same

Download Our Tour Packages lists:

“please get in touch for details on info@thekaemoon.com or call on 09811463467 // 09711549117

Please feel free to get in touch in case of any clarification required

Other Services

We also provide following services:

  •   VISA

    We look ahead to deliver leading edge on visa and document management solutions in this environment. Our mission is to assist our clients and users with complete information & documentation as required by the High Commissions/ Embassies. We are specialized in managing visas for the customers who are interested to visit outside India on a holiday to explore the country as a tourist, for any of their business tours or for as a student for their career program. Our expertise in Visa Documentation enables your application process simple and error free. Airport to airport couriers, last minute/ urgent visa requirements are all handled and efficiently managed by our staff.

  •   International / Domestic ticketing

    We offer fair International & Domestic Ticketing, we render you clear and fair air- fares along with your all requirements fulfilled.
    Our staff will give you a clear information of the air-fares of all domestic as well as international flights. As we provide you detailed information of the air fares of all the airlines, you can compare them and choose the one which suits your needs. While choosing your flight, you need to consider just factors like – suitable budget, suitable day and time, and appropriate comfort level. We also offer free consultation regarding discounted air fares. Our staff is there to help and provide you the best travel package as per your needs.

  •    Passport assistance

    We own a team of experts, knowing complete documentation and formalities required in New Passport Application, Passport damaged/Lost, Passport Renewal, Name Change in Existing Passport in Case of Marriage and Divorce, Address Change in Passport in India as per Government Norms.

  •   Travel Insurance

    We wish you a Safe Journey. For wishing for your safer journey always, we facilitate Health Insurance ensuring for your healthy breaths. Our Health Insurance companies will claim you on time if in case of you fall ill, while traveling to another country. Your amount of insurance is let you know clearly along with rest documents. We wish for Healthy Steps from you, forever. We ensure protection not only in terms of health but in terms of financial security also. International or Overseas Health Insurance is there to help you in times of medical emergencies. An accident or sudden illness may require hospitalization and can drain your money quite rapidly. Our overseas health insurance protects you from all kinds of financial losses arising out of unexpected medical emergencies. While you are covered under one of our secure Overseas Health Insurance Plans, you can be care free and enjoy your journey with more enthusiasm.

  •   Transport service

    We also provide transportation services to our customers.

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